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We service all ages
All cultural and linguistic backgrounds
All degrees and types of communication and neurologically based disorders.
-- About Us --

We started this practice with the belief that every individual deserves a voice, the choice to convey their thoughts, and also the ability to enter the world as an active and successful participant

*We specialize in pinpointing each client's unique needs and work through a multi-faceted approach to accelerate growth towards identified goals.

*We enlist and educate the family as a full partner in the process and include the home as well as the school community in supporting the client.

-- Services --

The most important choice you make is where and who will help you, your family and your loved one to access optimal communication. You are the expert and we simply jump off with our professional expertise to move you all forward.

Ongoing Speech/Language

Evaluation is completed per request and, when indicated, upon receipt of physician orders. A plan of treatment is established based upon the results. Session length varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours based upon need and stamina. Frequency and duration is established in relation to degree of impairment as well as review from re-evaluation. Family, home and school team are participants for supporting the client as they move towards accessing their goals.
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Group Therapy

We know that children learn from children and we take advantage of that in our office. We also know fun generates motivation and motivation generates a support base for new learning. With this in mind we are offering different groups. Group scheduling and availability is based upon age, peer fits and interest/needs. Communication, chatting for reciprocity, ​interactive metronome for pacing and executive function skill growth, and more.
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Interactive Metronome

The Interactive Metronome (IM) is an innovative neurocognitive therapy tool used by our speech/language pathologist and certified providers to improve and develop the temporal processing that affects attention concentration, motor planning, sequencing, speech/language delays, and various other cognitive and learning disabilities.mIM focuses on improving millisecond timing skills in the brain as well as natural reactions. 
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Times are changing with insurance and access to services is challenging. We try our best to meet those needs by contracting with companies listed below:

In addition, we have accessed intermittent special one-time contracts (UCLA Physician Groups) with different medical groups. We have sliding scale intervention as necessary and indicated.

What do people say about us?

What makes us different than other speech pathology services?

My autistic son has been going to Sharon for speech therapy. She is wonderful at what she does, and every session she ends up part counselor, hand holder, and always, a teacher.  I am so grateful for all of the patient work she has done for my son and for my family.

Tamara Pauly

From the moment we met with Ms. Sharon our family immediately referred to her as the “Speech Whisperer”, within 10 Minutes of meeting our son she had him saying things we never heard come out of his mouth. Sharon and her team are gladiators in our book!

Brandon & AnGèle Cade

Sharon is committed, tireless, interested in the latest cutting-edge techniques and most important, has an enormous heart. Somehow she manages to connect with every child, and they sense her commitment and her love. I am so grateful that my daughter works with Sharon.

Amy Brenneman


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The most important choice you make is where and who will help you, your family and your loved one to access optimal communication. You are the expert and we simply jump off with our professional expertise to move you all forward.
Sharon Hensel-Cohen,
MSCCC/SLP, Founder & Director




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