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We are a different type of clinic-we are a community. Our clinicians come from a position of passion and clinical expertise, receive intensive mentoring, and, interact with the whole family.

Sharon Hensel-Cohen, MSCCC/SLP

Sharon has been a leader in the field of speech language pathology for more than 40 years. With a wide range of experience and broad expertise, Sharon is passionately committed to improving the quality of life for individuals with challenges in language as well as learning and communication. She is a resource and quality provider and always available for phone discussion. She received her B.S. in special education and Speech-Language Pathology and later on her M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology from the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. She was a pioneering provider of speech language pathology services to children with special needs in the Buffalo public school system. In 1974, Sharon was a key contributor to a pilot program for public schools for what is now known as the IDEA Act. Sharon developed and honed her whole language and integrated approach for learning and communication development with special needs students while assisting the program.

Katie Bunzel, M.A.

Among many other wonderful things, Katie is Sharon's right hand, office administrator and the glue that holds our clinic together!! Katie is our Certified Interactive Metronome trainer and educational/literacy teacher. She implements cognitive linguistic tasks with the Interactive Metronome to grow attention and executive function skills while having fun with the clients! Growing up with a brother on the spectrum, Katie developed a natural compassion and understanding for children/young adults with special needs. She graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in psychology and child development. She is the heart of our clinic and we are so lucky ot have her lead our team.

Kristina Mellibosky, MSCCC/SLP

Joined our team in January 2016. She graduated from California State University Northridge in the Fall of 2015 with her Master's degree in Communication Disorders and Sciences. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and has worked with children of all ages. Outside of work, Kristina loves riding her horse and spending time with her friends and family. Kristina is fluent in Spanish and often works with bilingual clients in both languages. Although eclectic, Kristina specializes in minimal or non-verbal communication delays as well as oral motor and apraxia.

Darya Laylian, MSCCC/SLP

Is a Speech/Language Pathologist working in the Tarzana clinic with a wide diversity of clients. Her natural ability to work on rhythm (stuttering), limited/non-verbal communication disorders and medical neurological clients is evident in the growth we see. Darya is a fluent Hebrew speaker. Darya is a serious yet fun-loving and active SLP, always meeting the challenges and needs of her clients and families. Her team work and ethical integrity are ever present and she is a dynamic addition to our team.

Savannah Meginnis, SLP-A

Joined our team 6 months ago. Originally from Maryland, Savannah graduated from Cal State Northridge with her Communicative Disorders degree. She then completed her clinical practicum through Loma Linda University . Her love of kids is evident when working with them and she brings fun, enthusiasm and a natural awareness of how to elicit communication optimally. Savannah loves watching her Baltimore Ravens and going to the beach. Savannah enjoys our clinical home and says 'I really enjoy my job and am sooo happy to be a part of this team'! Savannah is fun, sweet, dynamic and all of her clients and families love her as they move forward towards their goals.

Robert Benitez , SLP-A

Robert is a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant who earned his license from Loma Linda University. He currently is enrolled as a graduate student at Cal State University of Northridge pursuing his masters degree in speech language pathology. He is a fun, funny, loving, and charismatic individual who loves working with his clients as if they were part of his own family. He is always up for challenges and takes the time to do his research in communication disorders/delays in order to provide the best service possible. The speech community is a never ending learning field which Robert enjoys to learn more about. Robert sees clients in our Charter schools as well as in the Tarzana clinic.

Shannon Stevens, MS/SLP-CF

Shannon is a dynamic and enthusiastic Speech/Language Pathologist extending quality services to children, adults and geriatric patients alike. Whether she is in the Tarzana clinic, at a school or hospital or supporting functional communication skills in the home, Shannon rises to the challenge and makes it fun. With diversified experience as a SLP-A in our clinic prior to graduation and now a Masters’ Degree in Speech/Language Pathology, Shannon makes a difference in the lives of those she supports. Shannon enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, traveling and trying lots of new foods.

Alexis Kuznier, SLP-A

Alexis is a Speech Language Pathology Assistant and is continuing her graduate school education at CSUN to earn her Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology. She is passionate about working with children and helping them achieve the skills and confidence to communicate effectively. She always strives to create a fun and engaging environment while implementing methods for her clients to be successful in obtaining their individual goals. While not working, her favorite places to be are Disneyland and the beach. In her free time she also enjoys reading, baking, and cheering on the Los Angeles sports teams, especially the Dodgers.

Kathryn Moulton, SLP-A

Kathryn is attending CSUN graduate school preparing for graduating as a Speech/Language Pathologist. She is a kind, peaceful and hard worker and spends many hours including Saturday, at our clinic helping our clients achieve their communication goals. Her gentle manner has helped even the most diverse group of individuals to calm and learn to communicate more effectively. Kathryn hails from Sacramento and loves interacting, learning and celebrating with our team of clinicians. Kathryn is also a certified deaf interpreter! Kathryn sees clients for in-home speech/language serves as necessary and indicated as well as in-clinic.

The clinic is highly diversified both in the families we serve, and, in the communication challenges we address. Whether the areas of need are: articulation, receptive/expressive language, oral motor, swallowing, neurologically based or developmental delays-we are there to serve and meet your needs. Our community of therapists draw from a passion to help and an expertise to implement with a strong mentor available constantly. Good luck and feel free to use us as a resource.




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