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Ongoing Speech/Language Services

Evaluation is completed per request and, when indicated, upon receipt of physician orders. A plan of treatment is established based upon the results. Session length varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours based upon need and stamina. Frequency and duration is established in relation to degree of impairment as well as review from re-evaluation. Family, home and school team are participants for supporting the client as they move towards accessing their goals.
We have expertise in many areas:
Phonological disorders and articulation for speech sound production and improving clarity of speech.
Tongue mobility to eliminate tongue thrust and resulting speech/swallow and dental issues.
Auditory processing and language comprehension to allow access to a curriculum and/or to participate in conversation.
Semantics and pragmatics as the basis for successful conversation and reciprocity.
Voice and Diction as well as Accent transfer.
Oral motor planning to reduce apraxia and/or improve strength and mobility of the oral musculature for speech and swallowing.
Rhythm and pacing to reduce/eliminate stuttering or cluttering.
Receptive language concept and vocabulary development to support language comprehension and learning.
Cognitive linguistic training and executive function skill development.
Augmentative Alternative Communication evaluations and intervention support.
Swallowing for disorders of the oral or pharyngeal phase of the swallow and feeding retraining.
Voicing to improve quality, volume and efficiency of the vocal mechanism and teach good habits to reduce vocal misuse/abuse.
Expressive language to support form and content through developing correct grammatical & syntactic form in expression.
Neurological Rehabilitation for Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury.
Early learning and literacy training Language-based reading impairment.

In-home Speech/Language Services

With a need for real-time experience coupled with functional communication needs for our most compromised communicators, we are providing speech/language therapy in the home directed towards daily need access and in order to optimize preferred language growth. This in turn supports increased motivation and funds further interest supporting growth

Charter School Speech/Language Services

As we see more Charter Schools opening, services that are written into the IEP must be brought to the children there. Presently contracting with 2 schools, we provide pull out and push in inclusion speech/language services to access progress towards IEP goals. Art Individual art classes support visual perceptual growth and eye motor coordination.


Typing for communication and graphic formulation development using the computer or fusion device implementation is offered to limited communicators. We see great promise with developing creative thinking and idea generation.

Language Based Learning and Literacy

With certain clients, based upon request, services are implemented after individualized goals are established.




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